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Are you eligible for early retirement
with a pension plan?

Let us help you put

the pieces together.

Gain Confidence

 We have expertise in navigating planning for early retirement with a pension plan. We are based in metro Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We meet with clients locally or virtually, serving clients statewide and beyond.

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you have a pension plan

Will your pension be enough for retirement?

We work with you to maximize your retirement savings in addition to your pension, to help you achieve the standard of living you desire in retirement.

Financial Planning

You want an actionable financial plan to put into place, giving you confidence for your savings goals

investment management

You are looking for tax informed strategies to safeguard and grow your wealth for the future.

Tax Planning & Prep

You can get your taxes prepared and filed with us, as part of our integrated planning.

our success is tied to yours


You need to trust who is giving you financial advice, this impacts your life in a big way. We are legally and ethically bound to only act in your best interest.

Small & Independent

 You want to work with someone who has the dedicated time to understand all the pieces of what makes up your unique financial picture, and who is not obligated to meet quotas or squeeze every penny out of you.

You want to know that you are paying for guidance and service that is in your best interest, not what will make the most money for the advisor. Fee only allows us to make recommendations based on what is truly best for you.

Matthew Dunham CPA Financial Advisor

With 20+ years of experience in the fire service, I understand the financial challenges confronting public safety professionals. Now, as a licensed Series 65 financial advisor and CPA, my commitment is to support those who dedicate their lives to serving others.

What to do with
your next dollar?

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